Walex Porta-Pak Toilet Additive Sachets - 15 Pack


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These Toilet Additive Sachets by Walex are environmentally friendly and easy to use toilet fluid that removes unpleasant odours and decreases gas build-up. You will be surprised by the speed these sachets dissolve in water and delighted they are pre-packaged for easy no-spill use. The Porta-Pak Toilet Additive Sachets make emptying holding tanks much easier as they have natural enzyme deoderisers and waste digesters to help liquery solid waste. This pack of 15 blue sachets provides a pleasant Ocean Breeze scent.


  • Contains 15 water soluble sachets
  • Suitable for all cassette toilets, holding tanks & portable toilets
  • 100% biodegradable
  • One sachet treats 10-25L of waste

Please Note: Porta-Pak products are for use in Sewerage Dump Points ONLY.