300W 12V Monocrystalline Portable Solar Blanket Kit


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SKU: KT70723 Automotive Electrical & 4WD Accessories

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The 300W, 12V Portable Solar Blanket is an industry first innovation by KT solar, putting out a powerful 300 Watts!

Ideal for off-road camping & caravanning, the 300W solar blanket comes complete with power leads and a 20AMP PWM solar charge controller, capable of charging gel, wet, AGM, calcium & lithium batteries. Folding down into a convenient briefcase style carry bag, the 300W solar blanket is the ultimate space-saving solar solution to keep your 12V batteries full of charge.


  • One-Piece Easy-Fold Weather-Proof 300 Watt Solar Blanket with 15 solar cells (5 x horizontal, 4 x vertical)
  • Small, compact design for easy transportation and storage

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Dimensions Folded (mm): 390 x 380 x 140
  • Dimensions Unfolded (mm): 1526 x 1140 x 5
  • Panel Weight: 8.85kg

Warranty & Guarantees:

  • 2 Year Warranty on Manufacture & Build
  • 25 Year Efficiency Guarantee
  • National Warranty Program


Model Number KT70723
Maximum Power (Pmax) 300Wp
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) 18.8V
Maximum Power Current (Imp) 15.98A
Rated Voltage 12V
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 22.15V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 16.42A
Operating Temperature -40°C to + 85°C
Product Application Class A
Test Conditions AM 1.5, 25°C, 1000W/m²
Product Weight 8.85Kg


Model No. KT70723 Automotive Electrical & 4WD Accessories