LED Tail Lamp Maxi-Lamp


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LED Technologies Pty Ltd

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Features / Specifications

  • Black Chrome Design
  • ADR approved
  • 3M Tape Available
  • IP67 100% Water proof
  • Voltage Range 12-24 Volt
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • 370mm x 135mm x 40mm
  • Sold Individually

Fitting Instructions

Horizontally mount onto flat surface using bolts or 3M tape depending on which product choice, run wire through hole in fixing surface. Please refer to ADR 13/00 for mounting instructions.

LED Qty 90
Cable 40cm
Draw Stop Tail Ind Rev
@13.8V  0.54A  0.08A 0.77A  0.67A
@28V 0.27A 0.04A 0.35A 0.34A
Approvals Function Category CRN
ADR Stop/Tail 49/00 40963
ADR Indicator 6/00 2a 40962
ADR Reverse 1/00 40961
ECE Reflector 1a-E9-02.1472
CTA 6/00, 47/00, 49/00, 1/00 CTA-040963


CAUTION: Beware of fake LED MaxiLamps!! https://ledautolamps.com/news-media/press-release/fake-chinese-maxilamps-illegal-on-australian-roads

Model No. MaxilampC3XRW LED Technologies Pty. Ltd.