Lagun Table Pedestal Complete


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The Lagun adjustable table mount system is the perfect choice when space is at a premium. Turning, spinning and folding, it is adjustable in height and can be moved out of the way very quickly when needed.

It packs down easily and quickly and stored when not needed. The Lagun offers space beating installation anywhere a pedestal isn't suitable.

Additional mounting plates are available separately if you would like to use it in two locations.

Manufactured from saltwater resistant anodised aluminium. Rated for loads up to 22.7kg, it will happily take a table top up to 1,000mm x 700mm.

Table top and screws are not included. Also available; additional mounting plate, handle/lever, bushing and end cap for arm. 

Product features: 

•  Strong, anodized aluminium

•  Use external or internal - marine, campers, caravans, horse floats

•  Swivels and locks in place

•  Adjustable height

•  Use any table top up to 30”X40”

Our Lagun Table Leg is the genuine product - BEWARE OF IMITATIONS

Model No. 30605 Lenker