7" Reversing Camera (x2) Kit 7" with mirror


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Providing a clear view behind the car, rear view reversing cameras are the ultimate device to increase safety and take the stress out of driving. The enhanced awareness will make driving and parking a more secure, stress-free experience, lowering the risk of accidental bumps and scrapes.

Car reversing cameras can save you money by reducing the likelihood of minor accidents and they also save lives by increasing visibility behind vehicles. There are many other advantages as well, including:

Allowing drivers to be more aware of small children or pets in their vicinity.
They make it much easier to hook up a trailer or caravan.
They create an ergonomically-friendly way to drive – a reversing camera allows you to remain facing forwards, with your hands firmly on the wheel when reversing.
No more turning your neck to uncomfortable positions.
A reversing camera is an excellent tool that is enormously beneficial, preventing accidents, helping with parking, and lots more.


  • Sunshield-mounted – Reducing glare to produce an unobstructed view
  • Ideal for Caravans, Motorhomes, 4WDs and Trucks
  • Capability of display up to two different angles 
  • If you have a second camera the kit is perfect for towing caravans and motorhomes, showing what is behind your trailer as well and what is behind your vehicle

    7″ Mirror Rear Vision Mount:

    • Clips over existing rear vision mirror
    • Audio – This monitor has audio functionality
    • Waterproof – All cameras have a waterproof IP69 rating.
    • Constant – This monitor is capable of constant rear vision use.
    • Power – Operation voltage: 12-24 volts
    • Detachable – This monitor is detachable when not in use

    Ultimate 2 In 1 Camera:

    • Warranty 2 Year Replacement Warranty
    • Viewing Angle – 120° and 45° viewing angles
    • Audio -This camera has audio functionality
    • Waterproof – Waterproof IP69 rating.
    • Night Vision – This camera has 15 LED night vision
    • Flexible – Flexible mounting and adjusting
    • Dimensions – This camera is 110mm x 60mm
    • Anti Glare – This camera has hood to prevent glare

    WOZA Cable:

    • Easy connection between vehicles and trailers
    • It carries audio, video and power and is available as 1, 2 or 3 channel

    Heavy Duty 3 In 1 Camera Cable:

    • Aviation style threaded water and dust proof connection


    • Detachable 7′′ Colour Mirror Monitor Rear View Monitor
    • 1 x White Dual Camera
    • 1 x 7.5m Cable
    • 1 x 15m Cable
    • 1 x Dust Cap
    • 1 x WOZA Kit
    • Mounting brackets for WOZA
    • 1 x Monitor Extension 1.5m
    • 1 x Powerloom
    • Remote Control


    Please ensure that this product is installed by a Licensed Technician and compliant with Australian Standards, as improper installation can lead to serious injury or death.

    Contact us today to speak with our friendly team regarding assistance with the installation of your new Reversing Camera!

    Model no. 0147 Safety Dave