Hardcore 12V 105AH AGM DEEP CYCLE


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R & J Batteries

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HARDCORE BATTERIES – Built tough to go the distance!

Australia has some of the harshest operating conditions for batteries found anywhere in the world. Long distances, big loads, huge temperature extremes and cycling demands that grow more and more each and every year. So when you’re on the job you want a commercial battery that you can rely on.

HardCore Commercial Batteries have been specifically developed to withstand these sort of arduous demands that leave other ordinary commercial batteries flat. As a genuine dual-purpose battery, they can start just about any truck or commercial engine whilst providing greater cycle life which means power available over and over again, when and where you need it.

So you can be confident that when you turn the key or switch, you will have the power you need and the reliability you can trust!


Nominal Voltage 12V
Nominal Capacity (20 hour rate) 105Ah
10 hour rate (9.2A) 92.0Ah
5 hour rate (17a0 86.0Ah
1 hour rate (55.0Ah) 55.0Ah
Internal Resistance Full Charged Battery 25°C ≤5.0mΩ
Capacity affected by Temperature (10 hour) 40°C 102%
25°C 100%
0°C 85%
-15°C 65%
25°C Capacity
After 3 month storage 90%
After 6 month storage 80%
After 12 month storage 62%
Charge (Constant Voltage) 25°C Float Initial Charging Current Less than 20A Voltage 13.6-13.8V
Cycle Initial Charging Current Less than 20A Voltage 14.4-14.9V
Dimensions Length 307mm
Width 169mm
Height 211mm
Total Height 216mm
Weight 30.7kg

Model no. DC12-105 R & J Batteries