ERPS 1- coupler electronic rust protection pack


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Electronic Rust Prevention System - 4WD Extreme

When choosing an Electronic rust prevention system for your vehicle you must consider a number of variants, namely the type and size of vehicle (car, 4WD, bus, earth moving machinery etc), the age of the vehicle and the environment to which the vehicle will regularly be exposed.

The larger the vehicle, the older the vehicle or the harsher the conditions, the stronger the protection required and therefore the larger electronic rust prevention system required.

ERPS manufacture four standard size systems:

  • Single coupler system - “monolithic”
  • Four coupler system
  • Six coupler system
  • Ten coupler system

*This system must be installed by a ERPS approved installer for warranty to be valid.

How do I fit my ERPS System?

Model no. ER-10-212 ERPS