BLACK Camec Digital Instantaneous Gas Water Heater


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Instantaneous hot water systems offer a constant supply of hot water. The Camec Instantaneous Gas Water Heater gives you full control with the remote digital display. You can set your desired water temperature so there is no need to add cold water and ensures that the temperature is not too hot for small children, turn the unit on and off and will display any error codes for simple troubleshooting.  This unit offers easy installation, with it fitting most existing hot water heater cut outs.  Use your resources more efficiently, with gas only being used when the water is flowing and you are able to utilise all the water in your tank.  This unit is available with both white and black external doors so you can match the aesthetics of your exterior.


  • Black external door
  • Designed for use in a RV
  • Australian Gas and Watermark approved
  • Continuous hot water flow
  • Remote digital temperature control with error code display and on/off switch
  • 60% less gas consumption that regular tank models
  • Operates on 12V DC & Gas
  • No anodes required
  • Camec one key system door lock compatible
  • Easy to install
  • Suits most existing water heater cut-outs
  • Patented rain protection exhaust


Power: Maximum draw: 0.44Amps/Hr
Voltage: Requires 10.5-15V DC
Heating Capacity: 36,500 BTU
Weight: 12.1 Kg
Heat Flow: Temperature rise at 3.3L/min water flow: 37.7C
Operating Water Pressure: Minimum starting water flow: 2.5L/min | Shut down water flow: 1.3L/min
Standard Water Outlet Temperature: Water temperature selectable from 35-60C
Cut-Out Dimensions: 320 x 320 x 380mm

Note: Not suitable for marine application | This is a gas powered product and needs to be installed and certified by a qualified and licensed gas-fitter, as improperly or illegally installed products will void the manufacturer’s warranty, and could pose a safety risk.

 Model no. 043993 Camec