LV Pure Sine 12V 1000W Inverter


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JAS OCeania Pty Ltd

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This pure sine wave inverter is suitable for mobile or permanent power installations. It is capable of providing 1,000W continuously and a 2,000W surge. Ideal for powering microwaves, power tools, TVs, and other power thirsty devices when you are away from mains power. It features a standard 240VAC mains outlet as well as a USB port (2.1A) to charge USB devices. To avoid your 12V battery going flat, a low voltage alarm will alert you when the battery voltage reaches 10.5V, and then shutdown the inverter when the battery reaches 10V. All of the safety features you expect, short circuit protection, overload, low/over voltage, and over temperature. Two built-in cooling fans automatically run when the inverter gets too hot so you can run it for longer in hot conditions.

  • • 1000W 12V
  • • Pure Sine Wave Output
  • • Power saving mode by variable resistor
  • • 3 Color LED status indicators
  • • User friendly interface
  • • Temperature and load controlled cooling fan
  • • Input protection: Reverse Polarity (Fuse) / Under Voltage / Over Voltage
  • • Output protection: Short Circuit / Overload / Over Temperature
  • • Input and output fully isolated
  • • Optional Remote Control - LV1876
  • • 372 x 200 x 83mm

Model no. LV1871 JAS OCeania